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Troodos National Park

Bright green pine trees, majestic cedars, extreme natural beauty throughout the year at an altitude of 1952m above sea level, are some of the reasons that Troodos was nominated as the Best Emerging Rural Destination in Cyprus.

Enjoy the endless green of the mountains, visit the Botanical Garden and Geological center and connect with nature in the Green Heart of Cyprus.

Visit the Park Info Center, for more information.

Cycling Routes

Enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, the unspoiled views to the sea, the sounds of nature and the smell of the forest, by following one of the cycling routes of the cycling network, that the Troodos area provides.

From the Troodos square to every village around or have a round of the park passing by all the picturesque mountain resorts.

Visit the Sports and Fun Centre, for more information and Fun!

Walking Trails

The walking trails of the Troodos area, are of immense beauty and peace. Feel the unpolluted and clean air, the beauty of the forest and be ready for unique experiences, in natural waterfalls and places where, you can become one with nature!

A complete network of amazing walking trails starting either from the top of the Troodos mountains, with unspoiled, breathtaking views over the sea and the near by villages or across the rivers where the sounds of nature blended with the beauty of the trees and plants invite you to a lifetime experience beyond your imagination and expectations. Live the moment.

Enhance your senses and experience to the full one of the most beautifull places in the whole world.

For more information about the network of the walking trails, visit the National Park Info Centre at the Troodos square.

Byzantine Heritage

Cyprus has a very big number of Byzantine Churches and Monasteries. Ten of them are included in the Unesco List of World Heritage Sites, and are located in the Troodos area, and are dated back to the 11th and 17th centuries.

The Troodos area is also known, for its famous Monasteries such as Kykkos, Trooditissa, Mesa Potamos and for more information visit the Byzantine Heritage Center in Kouka.

Troodos Wine

Experience the wonderful wines of the Troodos area, by wine tasting and by visiting the Wine Centre in Vouni, the Zivania Centre in Vasa and Koumandaria Centre in Zoopigi.

Follow the wine routes which are visible on many roads in the mountains, and enjoy the amazing scenery, the wineries, and graceful villages.

Indulge yourself in traditional grape based delicacies.


The Troodos area is blessed with a unique beautiful natural environment, with unspoiled villages of traditional architecture, which are complemented by the warm hospitality a the authenticity of the locals.

The peaceful harmonious co-existence of humans and the nature, the rich historical heritage of the area, the unique geological structure, the abundance of herbs, ingenious p birds and animals, the variety of establishments offering all sorts of accommodation, family business hotels and agrotourism houses are some of the factors that make tourists want to come back to the Troodos area, again and again.

Rural tourism offers a unique way to experience the beauty of the nature, the hospitality of the people and the traditional villaqes of the Troodos area.


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Map of Troodos

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